Conical Strainer Filters

A conical filter device is used to filter steam, gases or liquid passing through a pipe line from upstream to downstream. The filter device includes a filter media which is generally a SS mesh filter in a conical housing.

Strainers come in several different styles based on the needs.

A plate strainer is the simplest, in which water flows through a perforated plate. The plate is held between two conical parts of its housings with sealing gasket or O-ring. This type of strainer is called plate strainer.

A basket strainer is a design where the strainer is shaped like basket and usually installed in a vertical cylinder. The basket strainer is easier to clean because the debris is captured in the basket. The basket offers more straining surface area than a plate strainer, improving flow rates, or decreasing pressure across the strainer.

  • MOC                                                             : SS316L, SS316, SS304, SS304L

  • MOC Filter Media                                       : SS mesh with supporting SS perforated plate

  • Operating Temperature:                           : Upto 250°C

  • Filter Rating                                                 : 40 to 2000 microns

  • Type of Element                                         : Wiremesh Wrap Round

  • Seal Material                                               : Silicon

  • End Connection Type                                 : Flanged, Triclover type


  • Compact size

  • Robust design

  • Low pressure drop

  • Easy maintenance


  • Chemical processing

  • Water applications

  • Steam applications

  • Gas applications